Anonymous asked: My boyfriend in the air force and he left for basic a few days ago. We have been together for about 5 months and this has been something we have been talking about since before we were together. I am feeling pretty down. Help?

Take a deep breath and remember that no matter how far the two of you may be you are in this together. There will be times where you are upset and there is nothing wrong with that. Take that time and be upset then when you start to feel a little better pick yourself up and focus on what you need to do.

The best thing that has helped me is to stay busy. Focus on school or work or something like this that takes up a lot of time and is productive. After all, just because he is gone doesn’t mean your life is on hold.

He loves you very much and is doing this to help the two of you have a brighter future.

If you ever need anything don’t hesitate to ask :)

Anonymous asked: Not a question but I just never in my life thought I would fall in love with a military man. I was always so against the military & now I can't believe I have found the most perfect person who's in the Navy. Just goes to show you can't make assumptions about an entire group of people you know nothing about. I don't like the "military life" but I love my sailor & will be there by his side until we can put the Navy behind us & move forward with our lives. I want the distance to be over!

Military people are people too regardless of the job they have :) I’m glad that your opinion of them has changed.

The distance will be over soon :) If you need anything don’t be shy.

Anonymous asked: That's so exciting!! Congrats :)

Thank you :)

Anonymous asked: Is this amazing news something you want to share? :)

He told me to start looking at rings so I can give him my size and preference :)

Home :)

I got some amazing news from my guy today and I am home at last so if you guys need anything I will be online and playing Pokémon :)

Anonymous asked: Is there a way to live on base for a month or so without being married to your man?

I haven’t heard anyone say that you are allowed to. The reason behind it is they don’t want to cause drama on base and a way to do that is to only let married members live on base.

Anonymous asked: Speaking of military wives that think they're better than everyone else, there's one that lives in our building that thinks shes gods gift to the world. She's rude to every single person in our building, reports everyone for noise when its actually her and her family that is super loud, and she put rude anonymous notes in the hallways instead of confronting people. When I did confront her about her behavior, she told me to hold my told because her husband is a higher rank than mine (cont)


and that she would have me reported and written up if I ever tried to speak with her again. Oh, and she also told me I was an immature bitch, my husband makes too much noise when we gets up in the morning (which is bull bc hes on con leave since he just had surgery and doesnt get up until 10 bc of the meds), and that we’re too young to be married and she hopes we get a divorce.


See this is the kind of person who has gone too far. Ignore her, her opinions mean nothing.

Anonymous asked: I know this is not a question, but I really do love your blog. I love reading all the questions and your advice to me is spot on. It gets me through so much just because I know the situations that everyone is going through is so relevant, military or not. Being in a relationship with a military man/woman is very hard and requires a lot of patience, dedication and commitment.

Thank you for your support :)

I am glad that you like what I’m doing here, military relationships do take a lot of work just like all relationships, but the reward is certainly amazing.

Good moring everyone!

I am at school doing school things and will have my laptop on all day so if you need me I am right here :)

Anonymous asked: my boyfriend is going though that thing where he's unsure about everything. and how he doesn't want to "put me through this", it hurts. I've seen how this happens to a lot of people and I know the distance has to do with it. I just don't know what to do or say anymore. one second he's talking about marriage and the next he needs to think.. it's hard you know

If it were me I would sit down with him and tell him about how you are feeling. That way he knows how you are feeling and the two of you can make a decision together on what you two would like to do. It may be uncomfortable in the start of the conversation, but it is one that needs to be had.

Hi there! So I am not exactly a military girlfriend but I am in love with an army boy. We have had our ups and downs and are trying to figure out our lives (together or apart). It is unconventional for sure but we are taking it one day at a time. I am trying to get though it by writing in my own blog. I hope you and others have some insight. Visit me on


The best advice I can give anyone when it comes to creating a blog and helping people is to be honest when someone asks you a question and do your best to put yourself in their shoes before you answer. Other than that it is all up to you on how you would like to run things :)

Anonymous asked: I hate when these stereotypical "military wives" think they're better than girlfriends, especially when they're still young adults. First off, a ring of your finger doesn't give you more authority to have feelings for someone. In my opinion, it just gives you a title. Secondly, some of these GIRLFRIENDS have been in longer relationships than you have with their SO. For example, militarygirlfriend has been in her relationship for 4 years. Some of these "wives" haven't even been with their [1]


husbands that long. Do they really freaking think they have the right to say their better? I hate this so much. I’m not saying all military wives are like that, only the uneducated are.


I agree with you that sometimes people see themselves as better because of their relationship status and I appreciate you pointing out that my guy and I have been together for longer than some, but I would try to not assume that every wife is that way. Until they show you otherwise it is best to assume they are the wives who recognize that the status doesn’t matter.

When my guy and I take that next step and get married I don’t want anyone to see us as the relationship where I am a “dependa” because we are married and because I’m a military wife I must be a bitch. We are taking the steps to be together and I would hope that when we get married that no one’s opinion of us would change.

It is always better to accept someone until given reason to do otherwise. The status of someones relationship should not be a reason.

Anonymous asked: My boyfriend is getting stationed in osan Korea and I was wondering if you or anyone knew what I should expect?

You two should be able to talk each night and have Skype dates. Of course it is a long distance relationship and that has it’s troubles, but I’ve heard that they are able to contact a lot so that takes a little of the stress off :)

Anyone have something they would like to add?